Oh my goodness! Was today really the kick-off to the 2020-2021 School Year? I have a SECOND GRADER now? Oh, Lord help me find the serenity……to accept the things I cannot change…. <3 Let me start with some inspiration/support resources and then provide some reflection and encouragement 😉

So, I want to quickly start with some recommendations. I am IN LOVE with the “Little Spot” books. They are well written, and the illustrations are not overwhelming and matchy-match the mission. I also LOVE that its oriented to current times. I purchased these books and LOVE them! (Totally honest here- I have a LOT more than these 3) (My GLADiators- I want to Narrative Input Chart these like nobody’s business!) Therefore, here’s a couple links to some current-time books:

Instead of letting the tears unfold today, I am embracing the energy in my soul to support the unfolding of the one-of-a-kind school year. I have a twitterpaited hope that there is GREAT change on the horizon. I believe A LOT of things are being shifted in the right direction YET we are in the middle right now. And as I heard from Brene Brown this morning on her podcast, “The middle is MESSY, but that’s where MAGIC happens.” Thus, let’s get messy as great things are ahead.

Life is Messy…enjoy it! | SYNERGY IQ

Ok, OBVIOUSLY I hold optimism as my fuel for moving forward, but I gotta be real. I’m scared as hell to navigate the new days in front of me. I took the courageous step and put my teacher career on pause so I could mom-it-up during these days. You’d think since I’m an expert teacher and all, I’d step into these days with comfort and confidence. Well, at times, yes, but others, not so much. I am human. I struggle. Yet when I struggle, I push through knowing I’ll be better on the other side. That’s why I warmly welcome you with me on the journey. I’m choosing to be vulnerable in revealing the challenges and celebrating systematic success. Joining me on this journey will be uplifting and humanizing. It has the potential to lessen our struggles and multiply our success (and peace) in this uncharted journey. Thank you for taking the time to read and join the adventure ahead.

SO.. though it may be the first-ish day of school, you are going to rock it as a TEACHER, as a LEARNING COACH and as a LEADER. It won’t always be easy, but at the end of the day, let’s remain reflective (what went well and why/what was challenging and how could I be better tomorrow), name reasons to be grateful (even if its just eating some kind of food), and by-golly, love loudly. @generationwellness

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