You want your kiddos to be well-behaved? With school-at-home, before, during and after? Are you worried about your new role as your child’s “teacher” or “learning coach?”

Well- I got you! I am going to share with you behavior management golden-nuggets to ensure that YOU feel comfortable AND confident working through the challenges of at-home learning.

After 15 years of teaching and leading, I chose to take a year of leave so that I can lean in and provide the best for my family. And guess what?! I want to share the skills with YOU!

Starting today. Right now. School starts TOMORROW. Let’s start STRONG!

Here’s a powerful proactive behavior management strategy for YOU to begin the year with GREATNESS!

Here’s the video demonstration of using the T-Graph:

Here’s the video presentation for using the T-Graph for rewarding behavior choices:

Want an implementation guide to support you? Here’s the listing on TpT:

I wish you THEEEEEEE best with utilizing this for SUCCESS!

I believe in you! You’ve got this!!!!!

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