Misdirected Big Feels

When a seventh grader randomly told me to ef off and gave me some superlatives, I became curious. My unexpected “Ok. Would you like to go for a walk” response disrupted her “attack.” She was expecting me to give her big feels but I didn’t. Instant confusion followed with a hair flip and a timid... Continue Reading →

Relational Well-Being

“… belonging and being loved are core to the human experience. We are a social species; we are meant to be in community—emotionally, socially, and physically interconnected with others.” - Bruce D. Perry Part 1: Neurobiological Need for Connection and Relationship Your brain is constantly seeking felt and physical safety in your environment and experiences.... Continue Reading →

Unapologetically Authentic

By taking the time to better understand yourself, you unleash an inner capacity that courageously propels you forward. In due time you realize what had you tethered which creates a compelling release when you become untethered. In other words- when you understand what serves you best and what you value most of all- it’s anchoring... Continue Reading →

The Day My Life Changed Forever

"Thank you will never be enough."-Me, Myself, and I Let me tell you a story of something that happened to me, on this day, 20 years ago. Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com My dearly loved boyfriend at the time was flying off to Japan for the year. He was serving as a Marine at... Continue Reading →

Mind Over Matter

I've reflected within the year of 2020 of how many historical pivots unfolded (and continue to develop). Yet, I haven't shared with you what I've learned from the radical year of 2020 (one to never be forgotten). Thus, no better place then here right? I welcome you on my journey of reflection. I'll do my... Continue Reading →

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