By taking the time to better understand yourself, you unleash an inner capacity that courageously propels you forward. In due time you realize what had you tethered which creates a compelling release when you become untethered. In other words- when you understand what serves you best and what you value most of all- it’s anchoring to stand up for what you believe is best for yourself and others.

Now for some context- I’ve spent more time with my mind than I have ever done before. With the Covid craze, the continuous shifting and risk evaluation, I have developed a stronger sense of self. Fortunately and unfortunately, I have clearer boundaries. Because of this evolution, it’s created some ripple effects. I have lived my life to be a chronic people pleaser and so much so that it’s become an expectation when responding to requests and interactions. To say the least- it’s been somewhat surprising when I say, “no thank you” to some of the things I’ve typically said “sure” to.

Now for clarification- I’m extremely positive with my mindset and approachable in problem solving. What has evolved for me is HOW I respond to life’s decisions. I’m less emotional in quick response and anchored in my willingness to contribute to conflict resolution. In the past, oftentimes I became uncomfortable with conflict and either shut down or cried because there was conflict in itself. Now, with vulnerability and courage, I can comfortably contribute to conflict resolution with clarity and composure. Essentially, I am more comfortable with being unapologetically authentic.

How did I get there? You ask. Oh I’m not there yet. It’s an everyday, every situation, every interaction evolution. Through reflection, genuine connection and conversation, I’m able to improve and become better as I grow into my being. Heck- I’ve been here for 40 years, it’s about time.

Let me stop here for a second. I’m not becoming a new person. I’m not being radical. I’m still me. I’m still a positive presence. I seek to uplift, encourage and empower those around me. I provide positive energy to the communities I contribute to and an active problem solver while I provide positive and impactful feedback to others. The greatest evolution for me is- I’m not afraid to be honest, I’m not afraid to speak up, or admit that I made a mistake. I am invested and it’s critical for me to be genuine in my responses and speak up with what matters most to me, my team and my family.

What piece of advice do I have for YOU as your pursue your best self? First- I validate the courage and vulnerability it takes to be REAL most of the time. Second, sit back for a little bit and “read the room.” Just watch. What stands out to you? What triggers you? What excites you? Listen to the energy in your body. Watch your heart rate on your watch. Your body responds to you more than you may realize. Attuning to the sensations in your body and the thoughts in your mind is the greatest feedback you can receive. Just listen. Lastly, say yes to something for yourself. You may often say yes to someone else a lot faster than you do for yourself. Go get that latte, buy yourself a new color nail polish, take a bath instead of dishes, go stand outside barefoot and feel the rain or breeze. Do you something that empowers you to get to know yourself better. As you continue to attune, your heart and mind will lead you forward.

If you’d like more tips to attune to your mind and body, please reach out to me. I’m passionate about being true to yourself and embracing the gift of being unapologetically authentic.

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