• Intergenerational Relational Healing

    Responding to challenging behavior takes intentional awareness of self and each other. Intergenerational growth through coregulation develops resiliency and relationship. Continue reading

    Intergenerational Relational Healing
  • Misdirected Big Feels

    When a seventh grader randomly told me to ef off and gave me some superlatives, I became curious. My unexpected “Ok. Would you like to go for a walk” response disrupted her “attack.” She was expecting me to give her… Continue reading

    Misdirected Big Feels
  • Relational Well-Being

    “… belonging and being loved are core to the human experience. We are a social species; we are meant to be in community—emotionally, socially, and physically interconnected with others.” – Bruce D. Perry Part 1: Neurobiological Need for Connection and… Continue reading

    Relational Well-Being
  • Unapologetically Authentic

    By taking the time to better understand yourself, you unleash an inner capacity that courageously propels you forward. In due time you realize what had you tethered which creates a compelling release when you become untethered. In other words- when… Continue reading

    Unapologetically Authentic
  • CovidChronicles Year 1

    How have you GROWN over the last year? How are you going to NURTURE this growth? Continue reading

    CovidChronicles Year 1
  • The Power of Reflection

     “Reflection is one of the most underused yet powerful tools for success.” -Richard Carlson Reflection is defined as “serious thought or consideration” – yet it does NOT necessarily need to be revolutionary, deep or profound. It can be simple and… Continue reading

    The Power of Reflection