I’ve reflected within the year of 2020 of how many historical pivots unfolded (and continue to develop). Yet, I haven’t shared with you what I’ve learned from the radical year of 2020 (one to never be forgotten). Thus, no better place then here right? I welcome you on my journey of reflection. I’ll do my best to keep it engaging, sparkle a little humor and make it worth your time.

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First, I must preface this entry with a note of appreciation. If you’re taking the time to read this, thank you. Your time is valued and valuable. May you receive the energy and inspiration in return for your engagement. Heck, if you don’t know me and you’re just reading this for the heck of it- may I kindly introduce you to my world. It’s not fancy. It’s somewhat predictable. It’s full of metaphors and attempts at humor. I am me and may this be apparent in my scripting.

Furthermore, if I could place one phrase to my 2020 experience, it’d be MIND OVER MATTER. Let me explain more as this phrase may be applicable to your experience too (though I hope you didn’t endure the same situations as I). I am going to give light to this phrase in sequential reflection.

On March 17th, 2020, it was the last day that I worked ‘in building.’ (3-17-20: do the math there for a second). I remember the energy on this last day in our school building. Sorrow, stress, anxiety, tension, uncertainty. Teachers grieving the fact they didn’t say goodbye to their students. Determining what to pack up and take home. Needing a hug but not able to get one. Deep and dear concerns for their students and selves. I never thought that I wouldn’t be returning for the upcoming school year. It truly was my last day in the corner office of the library as an Instructional Coach.

As Spring Trimester (pandemic power-up teaching) unfolded, I gained new skills and became a Technology Coach in a flash. I was quickly delivering training on Microsoft Platforms and mastered Zoom like a BOSS! I was able to train teachers so they could connect with each other and their families in a FLASH! Teachers truly are superheroes! They mastered a TON in a short amount of time and without hesitation HEARTfully engaged in their new learning! I wish they could receive bonuses for their hard work. I can honestly vouch that they are working harder and longer than they EVER have before. They are weathered. Give your kid’s teacher some grace. They are doing the best they can.

So then came June. My daughter is no longer a first grader and on her way to second grade. I cried as I told her first grade teacher “thank you” and “goodbye” (She was moving to the East Coast). We all took a deep breath and called the wacky 2019-2020 school year to a close. The last staff meeting was EMOTIONAL when it’s typically full of smiles and silliness.

As summer break began, I was able to be 100% mom and wife. Yet, a nasty ear infection gave me a curve ball. Long story short, I was knocked down for almost 3 months with an infection that turned a million different directions. I now understand that I am severely allergic to cipro antibiotics and that my ear had a long road to healing (don’t ask me how my ear is doing because I’ll glare at you!)

It was a beautiful summer and we enjoyed some new founded family memories. YET, something interfered AGAIN.

Friday night is always easy dinner night. “Bacon and eggs!” The family shouted. “No prob! Got it!” Haha! Well, I will never cook bacon in the oven AGAIN due to this trauma. One small bump when taking the bacon out of the oven gave me a third degree burn on my inner elbow. Ouch doesn’t EVEN explain it. We’ll just leave the story there. You can imagine the details. I hope you can’t empathize.

At this point, I thought I was done with curve balls and injuries. Well. Not yet. Another simple move creating a severe injury. (Its 2020 right?!)

Long story short, I broke a ramekin in the kitchen and it fell on my foot causing nerve damage. The pain was undescribable. Again, I hope you can’t empathize.

After all these crazy events, I was weathered. Yet, hence the 2020 phrase for myself (thereafter): Mind over Matter.

Coincidentally, I’ve written this before. It all goes full circle. When unexpected things happen to you (both good and hard), its the mindset you hold in reflection for how it’s going to impact you. Now, I don’t want to disvalue traumatic experiences because they do change us. Yet, with intent, we choose how we can GROW from them.

I want to wrap this up on a positive note. Our 2020 experiences are going to be a part of our personal history. Our world will be looking back at this history for decades to come. Yes, students will be studying this in their future classes. Yet what we learn from our personal experiences and how we grow is determined by our MINDSET, not our conditions.

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