March 17th, 2020. 3-17-20. 3+17=20. Last Day. First Day. I ponder this deeply. What was it the last of? What was it the beginning to? Yes, my world radically changed quicker than I hope it ever will. The optimist in me found hope and that ‘two weeks’ may be a reality, but the realist reached into me clearly showing differently. Therefore, I am going to lean into reflection with positivity as I know the potential to jump into the negative impacts. #marigoldpower

Friday March 14th, 2020 was a what-if, news-says, what’s-going-on, do-I-say-goodbye, what-do-I-pack-from-my-office-just-in-case, kinda day. A hell-of-a-lot-of-uncertainty. I remember somberly leaving that afternoon after a long hug from my friend hoping for a great weekend and a ‘hope-to-see-you-Monday’ send-off. Over the weekend, the news was on far more than it ever is. The anxiety and tension was at an unhealthy high. And after the late-Sunday announcement that schools are closed- tears, grief, uncertainty, stress FLOODED me. Questions arose. Next steps to-be-determined. I knew at that point, we were in a new-time and history was beginning to unfold. So I grabbed my ‘boot-straps’ and hunkered down to make the damn best of it!

As educators, we were expected to come in on Monday to ‘create plans.’ To this day, that was one of the most awkward days of my career. We had to return to our ‘normal’ space without students (which was in itself a whole other complex grief). <= teachers love being with kids, so this was harder for them than you know. Long story short- sitting in a freezing cold gym at our own lunch tables and having our admin in just as much shock as us, try to lead the way, put us all into survival mode. Reasoning and decision making was HARD. But we had to do, what we had to do, and “whatever it takes,” took into true effect. We did our best to do our best during an incredibly challenging and radically shifted time.

Now- instead of articulating the exact moments unfolded during the COVID year, I’d like to focus on skills developed and growth gained. Ready?! Let’s do this.

Let’s kick off with some humor (lighten the spirit a bit).

I am now able to…

  • unload the dishes like a champ: there really is a system now developed due to frequency
  • choose my most cozy clothes to feel like a boss
  • claim my space in my home: the corner with the cozy chair is MINE 🙂

Now let’s get serious (how my (your?) life has changed since March 2020)…..

  • a hug is worth a million dollars now (seriously- seratonin release!)
  • spending time with my child has affirmed what’s most important to me (and that taking me-time is healthy for our relationship)
  • how bright and capable my child has become with having consistency and predictability
  • being courageous and trying new things is not as scary as I thought

I’ll leave it at that. I could spend some more time in reflection but I like to be authentic and go from the heart.

Considering this, a lot has unfolded for all of us. We grieve. We gain. We grow. We innovate. We collaborate (in new ways).

I want to leave you with this wonder– how has your life GROWN since March 2020? How are you going to continue to NURTURE this growth?

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