• Intergenerational Relational Healing

    Responding to challenging behavior takes intentional awareness of self and each other. Intergenerational growth through coregulation develops resiliency and relationship. Continue reading

    Intergenerational Relational Healing
  • Checking Your “Engine” Meditation Moment

    As we are here together and you are actively listening to what I am sharing, I want you to settle in where you are. Try to find your body’s rest point and fall into that space. Once you’ve found your… Continue reading

    Checking Your “Engine” Meditation Moment
  • What is “masking?”

    I recently did a podcast on masking but I can’t get it out of my head! Now that the concept is so fresh and real to me- I feel like I’m seeing it everywhere! Listen to my podcast episode here:… Continue reading

    What is “masking?”